AWS Software Development Services

We’re your reliable partner in AWS-powered success. We have the expertise to build, optimise and deploy your applications to Amazon Web Services with the highest possible flexibility to ensure performance and cost-effectiveness. Our certified AWS developers use AWS well-architected platform to deliver world-class cloud-based software solutions for businesses of all sizes and scopes. With our AWS software development services, you can accelerate your software development and release cycle while curtailing the operational overhead costs.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) exposes a mixture of key infrastructure, platforms, and packaged software as a service in the form of cloud computing. launched AWS in 2006 to handle its online retail operations. In addition, AWS was one of the first companies to introduce a pay-as-you-go cloud computing model.

AWS offers database storage, compute power, content delivery and other functionality to encourage businesses to scale and grow. It allows you to run software and application servers in the cloud to host dynamic websites, store all your files securely on the cloud, use managed databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle or SQL Server to store information, deliver static and dynamic files quickly around the world using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), send bulk email to your customers and lots of other stimulating functionalities. 

AWS turns capital infrastructure expenses into variable costs. It helps businesses access a range of functionalities to scale and deliver results faster at a lower price.

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Why Should Businesses Consider AWS?

When you have a business idea, you want to iterate it in hours. You cannot wait to see it built and shipped with its full-featured platform in hours. AWS accelerates development speed which is so important to bring ideas to life faster. If your business needs software like wildfire, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel; the well-architected platform of AWS enables us to create apps faster with pixel-perfect designs.

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Customised AWS Development Solutions At AvoTechs - Fast, Scalable, and Reliable

Your journey to AWS cloud with AvoTechs will be your North Star. We embrace AWS developer tools to create, deploy, and optimise innovation-driving, cost-lowering cloud-based applications to empower digital businesses. Our every single line of code possesses demonstrable business value in a well-architected way.

At Avotechs, we employ the following Amazon Web Services Development:

  • Build AWS cloud-based applications using full-fledged stacks like MERN, MEAN and LAMP stacks. 
  • Deploy web applications to AWS
  • Deploy static websites and WordPress Websites
  • Launch and run Node.js applications
  • Build and deploy native applications
  • Build secure MVP
  • Bring legacy applications to the cloud and modernise them.
  • Devise custom AWS security enterprise integration solutions, perform AWS security audits, risk and identity management.
  • AWS efficiency audits, SLA management, and comprehensive monitoring of all aspects of your AWS cloud-based business.
  • Implementation and migration of your business to the AWS platform
  • Optimise your applications using serverless technologies, containers, caching and content distribution

Why we are fond of Amazon Web Services

Today, every customer interaction is digital – from applications, websites to call centres. And, if you want to succeed in this digital era, you need adaptability, innovation, and painless interactions between your application and customer. That’s when progress happens. AWS allows us to create that seamless customer-product interaction that drives business value. We embrace AWS for many good reasons:

Lower downtime

We can build highly scalable applications on a resilient cloud infrastructure that allows our team to adapt, respond, and recover from uncertain events quickly.

Increased productivity

AWS improves developers' productivity. We can manage services, provision resources, and automate development tasks without leaving our editor.


Amazon Web Services are much cheaper; we only have to pay for the computing power, storage, and other resources that it uses.

Optimised latency for increased customer engagement

Any delay in response directly affects your business' bottom line. AWS helps us optimise the latency of your users, which ultimately drives business value.

APIs enabling customer-centric innovation

AWS values innovation; if it gets stifled, we will not scale and drive business value faster. With cloud-controlled API, we can innovate faster and integrate new features and services into your software and applications.

Serverless Architecture

The AWS Lambda enables us to create serverless applications that focus on one primary goal. With this architecture, we can focus on writing code without provisioning or managing servers, automatically scale from zero to peak demands, and help our clients adapt to customer needs faster than ever.

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Engage with AWS Experts at AvoTechs

AWS is the world’s most broadly adopted cloud platform, which offers significant opportunities and challenges. Our AWS engineers are adept at all AWS technologies, including EC2, DynamoDB, Lambda, ElasticCache, Simple Storage Service (S3), Route 5(3), RDS, API Gateway, Virtual Private Cloud, CloudFront, CloudFormation, and more. They are self-reliant and use AWS CodePipeline to orchestrate an end-to-end software release workflow.

Our Latest Projects based on AWS


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Why choose AvoTechs for Amazon Web Services?

If you desire to integrate all the AWS resources into your existing application seamlessly, ensure to sift out a team that specialises in Amazon Web Services development. How you recruit the right crew of experts to boost your operational capacity is your prerogative. At AvoTechs, we empower our developers to be the best version of themselves. We see this as an absolute differentiator in our business, enabling us to push the boundaries of software solutions. Our developers stay in lockstep with customer needs to build futuristic applications. At AvoTechs,

  • We practice the Agile approach
  • Always think of the end-user and create an impactful user experience.
  • Follow battle-tested processes to help you quickly adapt to changes while staying on track.
  • Invest in attracting and retaining top talents. 
  • Deliver 100% client satisfaction

Build Your Next Breakthrough Software Product with AWS Cloud

Do you want to enable on-demand scalability? Reduce infrastructure costs? Improve agility, velocity, and code quality? Bring Amazon Web Services into play. With its global backbone infrastructure at the fingertips, our AWS specialists will create ingenious infrastructure for high-performance software solutions. We enable businesses to bring innovative software products to the market faster and grow multifold on a checked budget.

AWS is a reliable, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure cloud platform that powers thousands of businesses in 190 countries worldwide. The platform is backed by the infinite resources of Amazon, unlimited server capacity, and reliable encryption. AWS-powered solutions can pave the path for smoother (and less costly) development and allow businesses to scale up or down, making this a versatile choice.
AWS is an easy-to-use cloud computing platform for developers. If you are not that much into technology and want to use Amazon Web Services to build secure and scalable cloud applications, we’ll help you. Discuss your project requirements with us and we’ll take you to the interesting AWS platform.
AWS developers build, deploy, and optimise solutions in the AWS environment as per the client’s business requirements. They set up and run databases, debug solutions, and troubleshoot problems after deployment.
Our team is incredibly experienced in AWS development. We can adeptly use AWS developer tools and technology, including Amazon EC2, Lambda, S3(Simple Storage Service), DynamoDB, Route 53, API Gateway, Code Pipeline, Elastic Beanstalk, IAM and many others.
There’s no fixed period as it primarily depends on the complexity and model. In general, it will take 5 to 8 weeks to complete a project based on the customisation, integration, functionality, and rich UX.

The amount depends on the complexity of your project. If you’re not sure about the details of your software architecture, we can assist you in choosing the right tech stack. While AWS development can be cheaper because of the already built robust platform, the total cost of your project is based on your requirements. For further information, please call us to get an estimate on services. tackle complex business problems with ease. We place great importance on collaboration to ensure that our clients are involved in all stages of software development.

The AWS Flow Framework is a collection of Java open-source libraries developed and managed by AWS. It has a straightforward programming model that makes it easy to build cloud-based applications accessible across many machines. Developers can write simple code and use pre-built objects and classes to build web and mobile applications faster. With this framework, you can quickly create tasks, coordinate them, execute application steps, keep track of their progress, define retry rules for when steps fail and whatnot.
You can downsize the team or drift development entirely back in-house at any time. By all means, we’ll work with your existing team and bring in a fresh perspective with greater scalability in your project.